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Explore the vicinity of Rewal


Landmarks and local legends

Trzęsacz is a small village with an interesting landmark. That is the last wall of the old gothic church on the seaside bluff. The temple was built in the XIV/XV century and was situated in the middle of the village, 2km from the sea. The archives claim that there was a village that belonged to the Trzęsacz’s parish. Nowadays, the village is not seen on the maps, because it was situated northward from Trzęsacz, and now, there is the sea in this place. There is an observation deck near the historic wall. Apart from the ruins in Trzęsacz, there is also a neo-Gothic church and the manor estate.



Rewal is the most popular seaside holiday resort with the beach. You can enjoy the sandy beach and an excellent microclimate here. The beach in Rewal is one of the clearest in the whole Polish coast. There are cycling routes, tennis courts, sports hall, beach volleyball and beach ball courts, bike and quads rentals here. You can windsurf here, do kitesurfing, as well as paragliding.

The red hiking trail runs through Rewal: Czesław Piskorski’s Seaside Trail (European Long-distance Trail E-9). Its route goes through the whole West Pomeranian seaside, in administrative district through: Pobierowo, Pustkowo, Trzęsacz, Rewal, Niechorze.


Seaside architecture

There is a lighthouse in Niechorze, near Adamówka. The lighthouse was build over 130 years ago and now it is one of the landmarks. It has 45m height. You can see its light from 20 nautical miles (over 36 kilometers). There is the Lighthouse Miniatures Park nearby, and you can see there all the Polish lighthouses and get to know many interesting stories about them.


Cycling routes


Liwia Łuża Lake Trail – looped, green color. The route runs through the coastal lake Liwia Łuża.

Eastern Connector Trail – linear, black color. The route connects yellow trails (in Rewal) and other routes in Niechorze.

Sea Fishing Trail – linear, red color. It runs between Niechorze and Pogorzelica. The surface- mainly asphalt and sett.

The History of Niechorze Trail – linear, blue color (in Niechorze).

Rewal’s Land of the Sun Trail – looped. The trail starts at the sports hall and runs along the picturesque streets of Rewal all the way to Trzęsacz. From Trzęsacz, you can reach the Śliwin settlement and return to Rewal.

The Forest Firebreak Trail – looped, yellow color. A recreational trail that runs mainly along forest roads.

The Monuments of Architecture Trail – looped, red, starts in the center of Trzęsacz, to go back to Trzęsacz through the areas known as Chłopskie Łąki, Dreżewo, Pustkowo

Western Connector Trail – linear, black color. The route runs between Pobierowo and Pustkowo (to the red trail). Surface: sett, asphalt, dirt road.

Pobierowo Summer Trail – looped, blue color. The trail along its entire length within the village.

Additional attractions


Depka seal

The only grey seal that lives in the wild and you can see it on the beach in Rewal, Niechorze and Pobierowo more and more often. It was born on 16th of February, 2004, in the Seal Sanctuary in Hel. The seal was set free in the Słowiński National Park on the 26th of June, 2004, and settled on the Niechorze beach on 18 of July, 2004.


Narrow-Gauge railroad

One of the attractions of the Rewal shore has always been the narrow-gauge railroad. During holidays you can go for a trip in it. The vintage steam locomotive rides between Pogorzelica and Trzęsacz.

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